[Circuit Design] Micro:Bit 101

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

I've been using those circuit tools for my lessons for a while. Even Micro:Bit is the most popular one, it is still one of my favourites. Recently I had a week-long summer school course about Micro:Bit with my students.

That week was my last week staying in my old school. For sure we had lots of fun with Micro:Bit. We used Yahboom micro:bit starter kit for beginner.

Most of my students never had any experience with Micro:Bit before, so in this course, I had to teach from the very beginning. After the whole week, most of my students showed strong interests in Micro:Bit.

I spent a bit time on the instructions - which could apply to most of introductory lessons.

I've attached here. I reckon it might be helpful for some people.

I've mentioned before in previous posts, Micro:Bit can add lots of extensions based on students' abilities.

This is just for newbies. I used this lesson with students who are in Grade 4, 5 &6. It can also be used for older kids.

Here are several samples of the instructions I made, the whole file has 27 pages --> Link.

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